Botanical Name – Vitis vinifera

Extraction Method - Cold pressed 

Aroma - Light

Country of Origin – Ukraine

PROCESSING - Unrefined (Virgin), Filtered, 100% natural

SHELF LIFE - 18 months

USES - Due to Grapeseed Oils high linoleic acid value (greater than most other carrier oils), the oil is highly moisturising and is light for use in skin care. The oil absorbs very quickly into the skins pores making this excellent for a variety of skincare applications. Grape seed oil is rich in essential fatty acids such as Oleic (C18:1) and Linoleic (C18:2) and has a relatively high smoke point. Grape seed oil is widely used in cosmetic and culinary applications.

TYPICAL ANALYSIS FATTY ACIDS                                             OIL SPECIFICATION

Oleic- 12 -22 %                                                                               Color - Light green

Palmitic- 5 -9 %                                                                              Odor- Heavy yet sweet

Linoleic- 65-75%                                                                             Acid Value- less than 4

Stearic Acid- 2-7 %                                                                         Pesticide Residue - Tested Negative

                                                                                                        Peroxide Value - less than 10

                                                                                                        Saponification Value- 183-203